Friday, May 27, 2011

May 29: Sixth Sunday of Easter

Each week during Lent and Easter, a young adult from the Archdiocese offers a reflection on the upcoming Sunday's Gospel.

Gospel: John 14:15-21

The words in today’s Gospel are part of Jesus’ Last Discourse—that is, part of his farewell speech to his closest and most beloved friends. What a powerful message that must have been, both for Jesus and for his apostles. And, it can still be as powerful for us today.

For Jesus, he had to carefully choose the ideas, messages, and hopes that he wanted to share with his friends before having to say goodbye. What would we say to our closest loved ones if we could only say a few things more? For the apostles, even though they did not yet fully understand what would soon transpire, they must have had some sense that these were significant moments, both for their friend and for themselves. Perhaps they were wondering what they would do when Jesus was no longer with them.

For us, Jesus’ words may be a little easier to grasp today because we know that the Passion ultimately paved the way for the Resurrection, and for the joy we experience at Easter. With this knowledge, we can more easily hear two important messages that Jesus has for us. First, Jesus assures us that we are never alone. He has sent us the Spirit of truth whom will always be with us. And, Jesus promises that he himself will someday return: “I will not leave you orphaned; I will come back to you.” Second, Jesus lets us know exactly what we should do in memory of his time on Earth and as a witness to his living presence: we are to obey his commands to love God, our neighbors, and ourselves. Indeed, what better way could there be to remember Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection than to keep his love alive in the world through our faith and actions!

Christine Gerety
St. Monica, Santa Monica 

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