Friday, June 3, 2011

June 5: Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord

Each week during Lent and Easter, a young adult from the Archdiocese offers a reflection on the upcoming Sunday's Gospel.

Gospel: Mt 28:16-20

The Great Commission

As Disciples of Christ it is our duty to spread the good news of Christ’s love. We are all Disciples of Christ and just as the eleven disciples worshiped and some doubted Christ when they saw Him, some of us go through the same doubts. It is in us as humans to continue to question the presence of Christ in us; it is then that we need to remind ourselves that Christ has reassured that that He is with us always, “to the very end of the age.”  We are the light of this world and our light needs to be shining for those that are without the light of Christ in their lives.  In what ways are you shining your Light unto others? How do you keep the flame of Christ’s love and His promises lit in your heart?  In times of trial and doubt, what do you do to remind yourself that Jesus is with you always? In what ways, as a young adult, are you spreading the good news and making “disciples of all nations”? 

"Jesus' departure and ascension into heaven was both an end and a beginning for his disciples. While it was the end of Jesus' physical presence with his beloved disciples, it marked the beginning of Jesus' presence with them in a new way. Jesus promised that he would be with them always to the end of time. He assured them of his power -- a power which overcame sin and death."  © 2002 Don Schwager

Noelia Ballesteros
St. Helen, South Gate

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