Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Relationship lessons learned

Some wisdom from our TOT presenters Len and Carleen Velez from their TOT talk at Good Shepherd, July 23:
  • You have to become relationship-ready yourself before entering into a relationship. While you're looking for a relationship, be sure you're working on your "own stuff."
  • You have to keep changing and keep working through things.
  • You have to keep finding ways to grow as a couple (time alone w/o kids, retreats, date nights, counseling, etc.)
  • Love is a daily decision.
  • Order of priorities has to be: (1) Faith; (2) Relationship with your spouse; (3) Children
  • God has a calling for each of us.  God wants us to be in relationship: marriage, religious life, single, but most of all relationship with God.
  • God has created that special person for you; as challenging as it is, God's timing is perfect.

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